The Best Relevant Vapes for Beginners: A Starter Kit Guide

The newest trend among youth is vaping. Companies create cool-looking devices that resemble pens and heavily advertise them as harmless.

The chemicals in e-liquid cause lung damage, including scarring and narrowing of the tubes that bring air in and out of the lungs. Nicotine can harm brain development and cause addiction.

Smokeless Cigarettes

Vaping allows people to get nicotine without burning tobacco, which can cause smoking-related illnesses. Some people who smoke find that vaping helps them quit. However, the healthiest option is not to use any tobacco products at all.

The e-liquids used in vaping often have different flavors, including many that are marketed to appeal to kids. The flavorings, especially diacetyl, can lead to a serious lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans or popcorn lung, which causes scarring in the lungs. Nicotine is also addictive and can hurt the brain and heart.

Vaping companies often target youth through experiential marketing events at music festivals, schools and parks. They may offer free device samples and a lounge with devices to charge. They sometimes offer celebrity appearances and social media photo booths. In addition, some e-cigarette brands target youth on social media through overt marketing and sponsored content. The blu e-cigarette company, for example, has an account on the Tik Tok platform with nearly 2 million active followers.

Pod Vapes

If you want a simple, no-fuss vaping experience, look no further than a pod system. These compact devices snap into the battery and are ready to go, assuming they’re charged and have e-liquid in them.

Relevant vapes also have a lower power output, meaning they burn less e-liquid with each draw. They are often used with nicotine salt e-liquids, which have higher nicotine strengths but offer smoother throat hits than freebase e-liquids.

If you choose a closed pod device, you’ll need to buy e-liquids from the manufacturer of your device. However, if you opt for an open pod that allows you to refill manually, you can swap out the atomizer coil and try different e-liquids. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to vaping and aren’t sure which flavors you’ll like. You can switch from a refreshing fruit flavor in the morning to a rich dessert flavor in the evening and find the one that works for you.

Sub-Ohm Vapes

Sub-ohm vaping produces thicker, denser clouds making it the go-to choice for cloud chasers digging their high VG juices. This style of vaping, also known as direct lung (DL) vaping bypasses the mouth and directly inhales vapor into the lungs.

Essentially, the lower the resistance of your coil, the more current can pass through it. This causes it to heat up faster, resulting in more vapor production.

A vaporizer with a low resistance will be more efficient, producing thicker, smoother vapour that packs a punch of flavour. This type of atomizer requires a more powerful battery to keep up with the demands of the device.

You can use a rebuildable drip atomizer (also known as RDA) for sub-ohm vaping, but it’s better to invest in an advanced tank like this ADKVEN Manta that is made from quality resin, high grade stainless steel and thick borosilicate glass. This makes it resilient to high wattages and protects against thermal shock, so it’ll remain safe even when you blow those huge clouds!

High-End Vapes

A high-end vape is a device that is made of durable materials and has effective quality control. This ensures that the vape performs as intended and doesn’t have any issues, such as leaking or malfunctioning.

LVE Vapor has a reputation for making durable mods, and their latest product, the Club Omega 200W box mod, is no exception. It features a powerful chip that allows you to control the output with wattage control through Evolv, replay, preheating and more.

Uwell first gained popularity with their Crown series of tanks, but they’ve also released popular mods and other accessories. They use USP grade ingredients in their e-liquids, so you can rest assured that your vaping experience is safe. Their e-liquids also don’t contain diacetyl, which has been linked to a condition called popcorn lung. These factors make it one of the best high-end vapes available.