Your Bathroom Says a Lot About YourSelf

Your Bathroom Says a Lot About YourSelf

Your bathroom’s design says a lot about you. Whether your aesthetic leans classic or avant-garde, a well-appointed space will help promote calm and relaxation.

Consider adding plants to your bathroom, like these framed houseplants by designer Tamsin Johnson, to keep it fresh and calming. Investing in built-in storage is another great way to declutter countertops and tuck away daily necessities like toiletries, towels, and linens.


Modern bathroom design offers a sleek and contemporary look, ideal for those who prefer clean lines. The natural colors, simple geometric lines and conventional features of this style create a welcoming space to relax in after a long day.

Grey is a popular color for modern bathroom design, and the shade can range from light dove to dark graphite. You can even combine shades for a more layered look. White is another color that often goes with modern styles, and it can be paired with a variety of colors for an eclectic or neutral look.

Natural materials and colors are also common in modern bathrooms, ranging from wood to cork. These elements offer a textural contrast to the crisp, clean lines of this design style. For example, a modern style bathroom may feature a woven wood vanity top or an open-front vanity with a natural stone counter.

A modern bathroom can also incorporate unique shapes and patterns to stand out from other designs. For example, a green tile pattern infuses this modern bathroom suite with visual intrigue.

For a more subtle touch, consider using fittings in a wood finish like this walnut cabinetry from the Reeves Wharfe collection. The clever layout of drawers and cupboards with a stylish worktop provides plenty of storage space in a sleek, seamless package.


Traditional bathroom ideas offer a more luxurious aesthetic. Harking back to a golden age of interior design, classic touches like vintage claw feet, detailed basins and Art Deco influences can add a touch of timeless luxury.

Unlike minimalist all white schemes, traditional bathrooms tend to favour darker shades. Rich jewel tones including deep plums, emerald greens and dramatic blues can be the perfect way to add elegance and create a sophisticated feel for your room. Darker colour schemes are often offset with brass or copper accents to create a striking combination that oozes classic style.

If you prefer a more subtle look, opt for neutral tones including off white, light and slate greys or sage greens. Natural wood finishes are also a popular choice for this style of bathroom. Incorporate textured tiles to add more character and visual variety to your bathroom. Geometric or patterned designs work best but you can also try a more opulent texture such as gilded marble.

Choosing the right bathroom suite is an essential element of creating a traditional bathroom. Opt for a bath with an elegant crosshead or lever taphead and indulgent shower heads to perfectly complete your scheme. The beautiful Belgravia range of traditional brassware is designed with period style in mind, blending geometric intricacy with refined details to suit this design style.


If you love clean lines and a serene feel, minimalism is perfect for your bathroom. This style is characterized by simple, uncluttered spaces that showcase beautiful fixtures and streamlined furniture. Minimalist bathrooms encourage you to spend time pampering yourself and can be a great place for meditation or prayer. Minimalism is a popular trend that can be applied to a wide variety of design styles, including classic and contemporary.

One of the most important factors in creating a minimalist bathroom is choosing the right accessories and keeping them to a minimum. This means avoiding over-sized or colorful items that add clutter and visual chaos to the space. It also means using neutral or soothing colors that keep the room feeling calm and inviting.

Consider replacing a shower curtain with a glass enclosure to create a clean, sleek look. A frameless glass shower screen will let light flow freely throughout the room and is ideal for a minimalist bathroom.

When choosing a vanity sink, opt for a simple countertop basin with a sleek tap and minimal hardware. Avoid a double basin, which can add clutter and overwhelm a small space.

Opt for a wall-mounted toilet to save on floor space and to further create an open, airy feeling. Minimalist bathrooms are designed to be free of distractions and a wall-mounted toilet helps achieve this goal.


Choosing materials with a classic quality is one of the most cost-effective ways to update your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint and new accessories can transform your space to look brand-new. But you can also make a bigger impact with statement fixtures that exude elegance. This style of bathroom design often features dark colours, eye-catching patterns and plenty of detail. Think ornate mirrors, antique-look basins and period-style taps and mixers.

Embossed tiles are another simple way to introduce a traditional look, adding depth and character with a pattern that isn’t overly fussy. Whether you opt for a herringbone, stacked or crosshatch layout, these timeless designs will make a real impact in your bathroom.

Marble tiles are a classic choice for any bathroom design, with their rich tones and distinctive striations, it’s no wonder that this natural material was used in buildings from ancient times. Today, large porcelain stoneware slabs are ideal for creating the feel of a luxury bathroom, especially when fitted with classic shower cubicles and Grecian meander patterned wall tiles.

Wood panelling isn’t just for living rooms – it creates a classic bathroom look too. Choose a panelling finish that complements your overall colour scheme, or go bolder with exotic wallpaper for an extra wow factor.